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How To Remove Search Box from Taskbar in Windows 10

This simple trick can really clean up your taskbar. By removing the search box, you leace more room for applications that are running and for shortcuts to applications that you might want in your taskbar.

The great thing is, it's quick and simple to remove the search box, and can be done in a matter of seconds if you know how.

Search Icon

Step 1.

Right click anywhere on your taskbar.

Right Click

Step 2.

Select Search.

Select Search

Step 3.

Select one of the three options: Hidden, Show search icon or Show search box.

Hidden removes the search box from the taskbar completely. Show search icon displays a smaller square button instead of a large search box. Show search box displays the search box in the taskbar like default.

Choose Hidden, Show search icon, or Show search box.

Here is what they each look like.



Display search icon


Display search box