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How to Change Scrolling Direction in Windows 10

Aug 5, 2015

I recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, and the damn thing reset my touch pad scrolling settings. I like to swipe two fingers downwards to scroll down the page, and at the moment it is set to do the opposite. So here are the steps to change that:

1. Search "mouse"

In the search box by the newly revived start button, type "mouse", and you should see and click on "Mouse & touchpad settings".

2. Click Additional Mouse Options

In the mouse and touchpad settings window that has just popped up, scroll down to "Additional mouse options" and click on it.

3. This Is Where Things May Differ

The additional mouse options window that will pop up, depends on the manufacturer of the laptop. There are different types of touchpad and therefore different scrolling options that come with different laptops. In the advanced mouse options window you have in front of you, look for some sort of touchpad setting. On my HP laptop, this is ClickPad settings.

4. Find Scrolling Settings

Things might be completely different on your laptop when compared to these pictures, but as you want to change the scrolling direction, it makes sense to find the scrolling section of the settings. So look around until you find scrolling settings and click on it.

5. Uncheck/Disable/Enable Reversible Scrolling

All there is left to do now is to actually change the setting the controls scrolling direction. On my laptop you have to uncheck "Enable reverse scrolling direction". The problem is now solved!!