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Waterfall Booster Box

Waterfall GIF

"Rains down dots to fill the board with a single color."


What does Waterfall do?

After the Waterfall Booster Box is chosen, every single dot on that level will become one color. It's fairly simple to understand, and from there you can make a color square or, if it's a big level, make multiple bomb dots by forming a huge connection of dots surrounding other dots, which will become the bomb dots.

When should I use Waterfall?

The Booster Boxes are chosen at random, so you will not be able to individually choose Waterfall from the rest of the Booster Boxes. However, an ideal situation to get the Waterfall in would be in a level where there are a lot of dots or levels where there are fire dots. This will make use of the color change best because it does not affect other features of the game.

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