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TwoDots Level 59

So, you need a little help in completing twodots level 59. Well you're not the only one! Level 59 is actually quite hard because of the two sneaky separations in the middle of the level. To help, I will give you a few tips to point you in the right direction, but as you are probably aware, each time you play level 59 it is different so I can't give you a 'step-by-step' tutorial.

Level 59 - The Tips

First of all, note that you have two objectives to complete for this level in twodots. One is breaking the ice and the other is sinking anchors. You need to complete both of these in order to complete level 59.


CONCENTRATE ON CREATING 'COLOR SQUARES'. I should just clarify what I mean by 'color square'. A color square is when you have four dots in a square shape, and you join them up to clean the whole level of that color.

You don't actually need to worry about the anchors or the ice, as once you start getting color squares they will take care of themselves.


TAKE YOUR TIME. Basically you NEED those color squares, and your aren't going to get them unless you take your time. Use every move to plan ahead as it might take a few planned moves to get a color square, especially as level 59 has only 3 places where it is possible.


DON'T TRY AND MAKE COLOR SQUARES UNDER ANCHORS. Basically just don't. As level 59 starts with anchors in the middle, trying to make color squares under them would be impossible as the anchors would just get in the way.


USE A POWER UP? If you really can't complete the level, why not use a power-up. You get one each day for things like breaking ice, so just go and break some ice on another level, get a power up, and come back and use it!