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TwoDots Level 35

Its beginning to get a bit harder now in twodots, and level 35 is no easier than any of the other levels in twodots. Basically in level 35, there are two objectives - one being to sink anchors and the other being to collect all the different color dots. But may I say, you don't actually need to worry about getting those objectives too much, as in level 35 as my tips may reveal...

Level 35 - The Tips

I'm just going to go ahead with the tips for twodots level 35. Zero faffing.


The best tip I can give you for level 35 is MAKE THOSE COLOR SQUARES!! If you don't know what they are (you should), basically they are the 'special move' in twodots, where a square of the same color dots wipes the whole level of that color when joined in a square. These are essential in level 35 because of that huge obstructing block that gets in the way.


How do I make those color squares? They're really hard to get... Well yes they are, but level 35 gives you a nice open space to get them in. Use this space wisely, and THINK AHEAD. You have to be able to see the color squares coming so you can plan your moves.


MAKE COLOR SQUARES! I know I've said it before but seriously it is so essential if you want to complete level 35 in twodots. To be honest is is essential for most levels in the rest of twodots.

Oh and you can check out this video: