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Color Square Tips & Hints in TwoDots

What is a color square in twodots? Well I should hope you already know the answer to this question, at least if you have played the game past a few levels. If not - let me quickly explain. A color square is a 'special move' in twodots where if you get 4 dots of the same color in a square and join them, you can eliminate all of that particular color from the level in one go. This move is so essential to completing many levels in twodots and so this tutorial will help you by giving tips and hints so you can get more color squares in twodots.

TwoDots color square example.

What are the tips & hints for twodots?

Well, im just about to tell you, but you should first know that each and every level in twodots is different and each tip I give you will have to be adapted to suit the level you are on. Having said that, you should learn to see color squares many moves ahead and you can adapt and use different methods of getting color squares in each scenario. Lets begin.

Tip 1 - seeing color squares before they are squares & take your time

Half of being good at getting color squares in two dots is seeing them 1, 2 or 3 moves ahead. The images below show a color square being seen 1 move ahead. After removing dots circled in red (and yellow) in one move, a color square is born. The key to seeing these 'potential color squares' is PATIENCE. Spend a bit of time after each move to see if you can see any potential color squares, even if it takes three moves to get there.

Tip 2 - don't make bombs

I say don't make bombs because they destroy your square making streak. However, I would definitely always use them if you could not make a normal square, if it was your last move, or if you know it would win you the level e.g. destroy the last anchor (destroying an anchors adds to the total sunk). Basically its better in the long run to make normal squares ather than bombs.

Tip 3 - choose a specific square if there are more than one

If you end up, as in may levels, where there are more than one color square to choose from, take your time and choose wisely. Your choice depends on which one will allow you to make more squares afterwards or which one doesn't block or stop the other color squares from forming.