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Sure Shot Booster Box

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"Clears all the dots in a column and row."

Sure Shot

What does Sure Shot do?

If you get a Sure Shot in a Booster Box, it will randomly remove a whole column and a whole row in the level, and then fill the gaps created with the all the same color dot. This will affect all tangible parts of the game, so will break ice and remove boxes along with the other assets in the game.

When should I use Sure Shot?

Like the rest of the Booster Boxes, the powerup you get is chosen randomly. Therefore it is impossible to actually pick Sure Shot. However, it would be ideal in levels where you need to destroy or remove something. For example, in fire dot levels, the Sure Shot can extinguish a whole column and row of fire dots which is really handy in some cases. This is the same for levels with other problems like boxes.

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