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Force Flood Booster Box

Force Flood GIF

"Re-paints selections of dots to form four dots squares."

Force Flood

What does Force Flood do?

This powerup which you obtain inside a Booster Box will turn 3 separate sets of four dots into a new color in a color square formation. This means you will be able to create a maximum of 3 color squares with this powerup, and remove 3 sets of colors from the level.

When should I use Force Flood?

Force Flood is good for levels where you need to collect dots for the objective as you can get three color squares from the powerup. It's also handy for fire dot and box levels, as well as ice because you can break and remove more obstacles in a single move with a color square. However, Booster Boxes give you a random powerup so you cannot individually choose the use Force Flood.

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