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Dynamite Booster Box

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"Dynamite dots remove all other dots of the same color when added to a connection."


What does Dynamite do?

When the Dynamite Booster Box is chosen, 3 of the dots in the level will become 'dynamite'. If these dynamite dots, which have rotating arrows appear around them, are connected, all of that color dot will be removed from the level. It's basically like getting a color square, but without having to connect 4 dots in an actual square.

When should I use Dynamite?

You cannot actually choose when to specifically use Dynamite because Booster Boxes are random. So, when you choose a Booster Box, you will get a choice of the Dynamite, Waterfall, Sure Shot, Force Flood or Air Strike. If you buy them, you may also get Extinguisher or 3 Extra Moves. However, Dynamite is useful in levels that have a lot of dots, because using it can remove a lot at once. My advice is to just use the Booster Boxes sparingly, and only when you really need them.

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