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Air Strike Booster Box

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"Drops bombs at random locations that blast everything around them."

Air Strike

What does Air Strike do?

The Air Strike powerup found the the Booster Box will turn 3 dots in the level into bombs at 3 random locations. The bomb will then remove the 8 dots adjacent to it, including and ice, box flower and so on. Therefore it is useful in levels with extra obstacles in them.

When should I use Air Strike?

You cannot choose when to use the Air Strike power-up because all the power-ups in Booster Boxes are chosen at random when you choose to use a booster box. But Air Strike is useful in levels that have extra obstacles in it, and not so useful in levels where there are just dots. This is because bombs do not help you to get color squares, which are essential in dot-objective levels. Otherwise, bombs can be very useful to destroy fire dots, ice, flowers and so on.

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