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TwoDots: Levels 61 - 85 Walkthrough

TwoDots is a level based iPhone, iPod and iPad app that is free to download from the app store. You have to join a minimum of two dots to eradicate them and complete the objectives given to you at the start of the level. This can be collecting a given number of colored dots, dropping anchors to the bottom of the level, or breaking glass by joining dots on top of it. Twodots is a fun game to play in your free time but can sometimes get frustratingly hard, so, here you can find video walk-throughs and an explanation guiding you through each level.

Fire Dots

No new objectives are added at level 61, but spreading fire dots are added to make the level way harder. Fire spreading dots are non-joinable dots that engulf others and can take over the whole level if you're not careful.

Know how the fire dots work. You will learn that joining ordinary dots next to a fire dots will eliminate them, and that after every move you make the fire dots will spread and engulf one new ordinary dot. But, if the fire dots are in different groups, e.g. a group of fire dots on the left, -a gap-, then a group of fire dots on the right, then a fire dot fromeach side will engulf a new ordinary dot. They also cannot engulf through barriers.

You will get a range of objectives. You will get a range of objectives all from before, some will be combined some will be on their own. Try to handle the fire dots at the same time as you handle the objectives, so don't remove the fire dots and then do the objectives, do them together! Again, color squares will help a lot as the dots removed this way can also destroy fire dots in more than one place. Other than that keep trying!

Video Walkthrough: Playlist of Levels 61 - 85