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TwoDots: Levels 236 - 285 Walkthrough

TwoDots is a level based iPhone, iPod and iPad app that is free to download from the app store. You have to join a minimum of two dots to eradicate them and complete the objectives given to you at the start of the level. This can be collecting a given number of colored dots, dropping anchors to the bottom of the level, or breaking glass by joining dots on top of it. Twodots is a fun game to play in your free time but can sometimes get frustratingly hard, so, here you can find video walk-throughs and an explanation guiding you through each level.

Monsters in TwoDots

Monsters will eat one of the dots next to it after every turn - unless you feed it by linking it with other dots. If the monster eats a dot it will change its color to whatever colour the monster is. For example, if a blue monster eats the yellow dot to it's left, it will leave a blue dot in the position it was in and change the yellow dot into a blue monster.

Monster GIF

Note the hunger number. The hunger number is the number in the middle of the monster and lowers everytime you feed a monster by linking it with other dots. The longer the link of dots, the greater the decrease in the hunger number. So the lowest possible is two (by linking the monster and one other dot) and the highest can be however many dots you can connect with the monster. To apply any single chain of dots with all of that colored monster on a level you need to make a square. But create a chain before making the square if possible - this lowers all of the monsters hunger numbers by more. Once a monsters hunger number reaches zero it dies and everytime a monster hunts a dot, its hunger number increases by one.

Watch out for the objective. Remember the objective is not to remove the monsters so don't get carried away connecting monsters. Sometimes it is best to let the monster hunt a few dots to enable you to join more or make a square with a chain.

Monster Chain Square GIF