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TwoDots: Levels 136 - 235 Walkthrough

TwoDots is a level based iPhone, iPod and iPad app that is free to download from the app store. You have to join a minimum of two dots to eradicate them and complete the objectives given to you at the start of the level. This can be collecting a given number of colored dots, dropping anchors to the bottom of the level, or breaking glass by joining dots on top of it. Twodots is a fun game to play in your free time but can sometimes get frustratingly hard, so, here you can find video walk-throughs and an explanation guiding you through each level.

Clear Dots

The clear white circled dots are the key feature in these levels, and can be handy in some cases, but most of the time they are a nuisance.

Learn how the clear dots work. It is important to know whether to use up the clear dots straight away or leave them for use later. It depends on the objectives of the level, but they do not count as any particular color and are not removed when you get a color square. For example, if a clear dot lies under an ice block, you cannot break this ice block by getting a color square, as the clear dots are not affected by them.

A good rule is that if your objectives are to break ice, or collect dots, use up the clear dots as quickly as possible. If the objective is to sink anchors, then carefully pick when to use the clear dots.

Use the video below to see what I mean by clear dots and how to use them up quickly.

Video Walkthrough: Level 136 Showing Clear Dots.