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TwoDots: Levels 11 - 35 Walkthrough

TwoDots is a level based iPhone, iPod and iPad app that is free to download from the app store. You have to join a minimum of two dots to eradicate them and complete the objectives given to you at the start of the level. This can be collecting a given number of colored dots, dropping anchors to the bottom of the level, or breaking glass by joining dots on top of it. Twodots is a fun game to play in your free time but can sometimes get frustratingly hard, so, here you can find video walk-throughs and an explanation guiding you through each level.


The new objective in levels 11 to 35 is to sink anchors by dropping them out of the bottom of the level. To drop an anchor you need to join dots below or remove dots below with a color square. Trust me, they make some of the levels tough with barriers, triangles and combinations of anchor sinking and dot collecting.

If the only objective is to sink anchors, then just join dots normally below as this will be the quickest way to sink them until you're stuck near the bottom. Then use moves either to get the right colors below or to make a color square to clear dots below.

If there are joined objectives of sinking anchors and joining dots, then straight away you need to be looking to get color squares as this will both help sink anchors and collect dots at the same time! Usually if you try and sink anchors first by normal joining, you run out of moves to collect the rest of the dots needed.

Video Walkthrough: Playlist of Levels 11 - 35