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Free SoundCloud Header Image Template

SoundCloud have recently made a drastic new design change in which you can upload your own hearder image. You can always grab an image from google images or it's sometimes nice to upload a photo of yourself at a gig or something. But if you want to go the extra mile and edit yourself a cover photo on photoshop it's always handy to have a template to go by. This is what the psd template looks like:

SoundCloud Header Image Template
Download the Template

How To Use The Template

1. First download the psd file. This type of file can only be used in photoshop (so you need photoshop).

2. The GREEN safe zone is where the main design goes, as there is no obstruction from names and photos.

3. The PURPLE zone is where the profile image and username are displayed. You may want to keep your designs minimal here, or just design a background as anything you do will be obstructed by the profile picture and username.

4. Get creative on photoshop!