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Pulse Effect with Sony Vegas

Create a pulsating video on screen and sync it with music using the event pan/crop window. You can read the instructions or see below for a video.

What Will You Need?

Sony Vegas
External Plugins
External Images


Once sony vegas is open and your video is in the timeline (if you don't know how to do this look up beginners tutorials), you can add extra audio/song to create the pulse to [optional].


Add marker points to your timeline by pressing the 'M' key on your keyboard or going to Insert>Marker. Each marker point will represent one pulsation, and will appear at your cursors current point. If you added music, you can play through and press the 'M' key for each beat.

Note: You can click and drag the markers after you have placed them.


You now want to use the event pan/crop window for your video clip. To get this, click the small crop icon located in the top right of the video segment in your timeline (a new widow should pop up). There are three important buttons you need to have ON to make doing this way easier. Two of them are located on the left pannel of buttons and are, Lock Aspect Ratio and Size About Center, the third is Sync Cursor located below the keyframe timeline.

Note: You can resize the event pan/crop window so you can see your markers above, and hover over the video thumbnail to use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out.


Click on the first marker in the timeline behind, and your cursor should move on that timeline as well as the keyframe timeline in the event pan/crop window. This is where a pulse will be, so, in the corner of the video thumbnail (in the event pan/crop window) click and drag the small box inwards. The further in you drag it, the deeper your pulse will be. Once you have done this, you should see that a keyframe has been added to the keyframe timeline in the event pan/crop window.

Note: Always make sure that Position is highlighted blue (bottom left), and not Mask in the pan/crop window.


You now need to add keyframes at the default size (because you just zoomed in) three or four frames to the left and right of the pulse keyframe you just added. To do this, click on the pulse keyframe and press your arrow key four times to the left. Then click the dropdown box at the top of the event pan/crop window and select default. You will see a new keyframe has been added, and the size of the thumbnail is back to normal. Now do the same for the right side.

Your first pulse has been made.


Repeat the process of selecting the marker, zooming on the thumbnail, and setting the default zoom distance three or four keyframes to the left and right. You can do this quickly if you copy and paste the three keyframes you just made. To do this click and drag over the three keyframes you have made in the keyframe timeline, so they appear white in the middle. Then select your next marker so your cursor moves and after that hold down control (Ctrl) and drag the three keyframes across so the middle one lines up with the cursor. This copies the keyframes and moves them to your next marker.

You can do this so all of your markers have been used and your video should be pulsing!

Instructional Video in Full