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A Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Shotgun Comparison.


After making an assault rifle comparison, I thought I would create one for the shotguns as well.

Excuse the cheesy image I got from the playbattlegrounds website, but it does add to the page I have to admit. There are three shotguns, two of them being 'traditional' shotguns, the S1897 and S686, and the other being semi-automatic, the S12K.

Battlegrounds Action Shot

I have compared in the chart below some of what I think are the most important weapon stats and put them side by side. I think a visual side-by-side comparison makes it easier to compare the shotguns, rather than just having numbers to go by.

AR Weapon Stats

From the stats presented you may come to the conclusion that the S12K is the superior shotgun, which I think is a fair judgment and I would agree. The S12K is superior in all of the stats apart from the power and the range (represented by the green dots). However, the power and range are possibly the most important ones and so you need to consider the differences between them. The power of the S12K is 8% less than the power of the other two shotguns. You need to decide if this drop in power is worth having a higher rate of fire which is actually the same difference as the power but in favor of the S12K.

The difference in range is less significant and in fact the S12K comes in second place in this statistic, not third. The range of a shotgun becomes more or less important depending on whether you have another weapon or not. If you have an assault rifle for example, you are more than likely to use the shotgun only for close quarters combat, and if this is the case, range becomes much less important.

Of all the shotguns, you probably want the S12K in your back pocket just in case. The semi-automatic shotgun allows you to miss and not really be punished that much for it, because you can just shoot again. However, all the shotguns are effective, and you may actually want the S1897 or S686 in the early stages of the game when no one has armour, as they are more powerful than the S12K.