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A Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Assault Rifle Comparison.


I wanted to get to know the stats and abilities of assault rifles in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) so I could better my game. So, I thought I would share my conclusions here.

There are plenty of places you can find the gun stats online, detailed ones at that, so I'm not going to just give you them alone. Instead I will compare them to draw conclusions of what weapon to use in what situation.

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Battlegrounds Action Shot

Here I have compared some of what I think are the most important gun stats. It's in the bar charts at the bottom of each block where you can really compare the key stats side by side. The stats for the guns were taken from battlegrounds.gamepedia on May, 2017.

AR Weapon Stats

The M16A4 wins 3 out of 5 stats, so you could say that it is the best weapon to use from that, which I think is fair. But it is important to note how and if it wins by a small or large margin. For example the AKM is only 2 points behind the M16 on both range and stability, but is 5 ahead on power. After considering this, it might be fair to say that the AKM would be the best because of its power. But you then have to take note of rate of fire. The AKM is significantly lower that all three of the other weapons on this stat.

What kind of player are you?

Or what type of game are you having? I think in order to choose a weapon, you need to consider the type of play it will be used for. Realistically AR's are used for medium to long ranges, shotguns and SMG's are better for close quarters. So, do you play long ranged and a perimeter chasing game or do you play medium ranged, house to house, town combat? I think rate of fire and power will be the key stats here. Stability and range are close (between the AKM and M16 at least) so we can leave them out.

Basically at longer ranges you want more power and don't necessarily need a high rate of fire because you will be using single pop shots. In my opinion the AKM will be the weapon of choice here (excluding sniper rifles). But at closer ranges I think the M16A4 would be a better choice because it has a higher rate of fire.

But, heres an extra point to consider: fire mode.

Single-Burst Mode

All the assault rifles have single or auto fire modes, except the M16A4 which has burst fire. This will be key in certain situations. Long-ranged fire fights will be mainly single, medium-range would benefit from burst and close-range would use full auto. In this case it might be beneficial to use the M416 instead of the AKM or M16A4 in close quarters because of the auto and high rate of fire.

After all things considered, in my opinion, I think the AKM or the M16A4 are the best assault rifles in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. The M16A4's ability to fire burst shots is a winner in medium range situations, which is what the majority of fire fights are in Battlegrounds. The AKM's ability to hit a more powerful shot, I think, gives it the advantage at longer ranges especially with a 4x scope attached.

AKM M166A4