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How to Create Automaion Clips in FL Studio

What is automation?

Automation is the way you can change any sound in your song; it's like animation but for sound! You can automate pretty much anything from volume to filters and reverb to distortion, to make your sound individual from everyone else's. This handy tutorial will help you learn how to automate in fl studio.


It's essentially as easy as that to create an automation clip.


Right click on any parameter (anything you can change/twist), in this tutorial we will use the volume parameter.


Select "create automation clip" from the available options. This will create an automation clip in the playlist, which you can change at different points in the song. The change you make on the automation clip will cause a change in the parameter you created the clip from, in this case it will change the volume in the mixer channel.


The line in the automation clip represents the value of the parameter you are controlling. So, here in this example if we drag the line up, the volume will in the mixer will increase. It follows the line.

To add a point, right click in the clip and drag it up/down/left/right.


You can create all sorts of shapes in the automation clip (most of them not necessary), but if you were creating a filthy bass sound, it may require a lot of automation.