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Top 10 Free App Games of June 2015

June 2015 • Top Free App Games

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I guess you're looking for some new games for your phone or tablet... otherwise you wouldn't be looking on this page. Well this page will round up the top 5 games of June 2015 just for you! I have to say before we begin that a 'top 5' will be different for each individual because of differing tastes in games. One person might like shooting games, while another person might prefer a puzzle game. This top 5 will be generic and you could end up liking all of the games mentioned, or just one. But that can't be helped, so lets get on.

The 10 Best Free Games

1. TwoDots


IOS & Android

TwoDots App

TwoDots is a very clever, level-based strategy game which I can tell you gets very frustrating as the levels get harder. Its strengths lie in game design, audio and game dynamics such as, anchors, ice then fire dots, teleporters and monsters later in the game. These game dynamics make the app more interesting as you progress. The game developers also regularly update the levels in the game which is a huge bonus! However, a few drawbacks do show, through repetitiveness especially when you get stuck. The facebook connect feature is great to add competition to the game and so you can try and beat your friends' score.

Overall a great app that will give you hours of fun.

Two Dots Game Open

2. One More Dash


IOS & Android

One More Dash App

One More Dash is a fast paced game that requires great timing, reflexes and a lot of determination as you will most likely die many, many times. In the app, you jump between circles as quick as you can, avoiding the moving 'shields' which cover many of the circles. The positives of this game, like many games, are addictiveness and the fast paced nature. I also like some other features including the theme unlocks and the bounce-back you get from the shields when playing. There is always the possible drawback that is game will inevitably get boring after a few days playing. But that is up to the person playing.

Fast paced new app that will definitely keep you entertained

One More Dash Gameplay

3. 94%


IOS & Android

94% App

This app is one to keep for boring bus or car journeys. It's basically like family fortunes or family feud where you have to guess 94% of answers that were obtained after asking a certain question. It's a pretty straight forward app to get your head around, the positives being that it can entertain for long periods of time (meaning you will keep coming back and having a go days and months after you download it) and its a smooth, good-looking app. However, it can be quite challenging at times which may leave you disliking the app!

Overall, a great app for those boring times!

94% Gameplay

4. Dead Trigger 2


IOS & Android

Dead Trigger 2 App

Dead Trigger 2 is a good one! Just like a console game, it has elaborate challenges, upgrades and profiles to keep you well and truly entertained. You won't be completing this game in a hurry. It's basically a really good zombie apocalypse game with positives including, amazing graphics, solid storyline and many, many challenges to complete. The only negative in my opinion, is that the controls are a little sensitive as playing with console-like joysticks is different on a phone or tablet.

A fantastic choice if you love the zombie apocalypse shooters!

Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay 01 Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay 02

5. Godus


IOS & Android

Godus App

Godus has a really cool concept, building and progressing through the ages as you literally act as god. The game play is also fairly slow-paced meaning it keeps you entertained for a long period of time - just like it would in real life if you were to progress through the ages! Its positives include abstract game design, innovative game play and a great story. However, sometimes I find the controls a little bit off, probably due to the movement using two fingers, as touch with one finger allows you to sculpt the land.

This game can become fantastically addictive as you try and progress each day.

Godus Gameplay 01 Godus Gameplay 02

6. Lara Croft Relic Run


IOS & Android

Lara Croft Relic Run App

Lara Croft Relic Run is much like the classic Temple Run, or Subway Surfers if you have ever played them. Instead of tilting to go left and right, you have to swipe, as well as swiping up and down. Lara also performs parkour and does wall runs in the game which is cool feature. Basically, the positives are action and adventure, fast-paced gameplay and a good flow. Sometimes though, I found it to lag a little which can be frustrating, especially if you have an older or low-end device.

A classic game style mixed with Lara Croft leaves a brilliantly fun game to play.

Lara Croft Relic Run Gameplay

7. Dashy Panda


IOS Only

Dashy Panda App

Dashy Panda is a simple app, but requires precision and skill to go far. You have to slide a panda across the ground just by touching the screen, avoiding the various moving obstacles that get in the way. These obstacles range from spikes and fish that pop upwards and rain and snowballs that come at you from above. The positives are simple game dynamics, and nifty design. But the negatives are repetitiveness that make the game become boring after a while playing. Also there is not many different features to the game, its just move the panda and nothing else. While this might be nice to start with it would be even better if there was more depth to the game. This may be updated in the future.

Overall, a fun quick app to give you a few minutes of entertainment.

Dashy Panda Gameplay 01 Dashy Panda Gameplay 02

8. UNO and Friends


IOS & Android

Uno and Friends App

Uno is a classic card game which I hope you know how to play. If you don't know it, well, I'm not going to explain - the app can do that. Basically get rid of your cards! Anyway there is a fun multiplayer environment that brings a competitive edge to the game which is always welcome. The game also has many other dynamics, for example, team uno, tournaments and companions. These positives keep you entertained for ages - not just the fact that uno is an amazing game anyway. The negative though, in my opinion, is over-complication. There are so many events, buttons, flashes, options to buy, that it gets a bit intense.

Still this is a great app for some serious fun!

Uno & Friends Gameplay 01 Uno & Friends Gameplay 02

9. Capitals


IOS Only

Capitals App

Capitals is a fun word game in which you have to progress over to your opponents side of the board by making words, to steal their capital and own the board. It's actually quite fun and competitive. The positives of this game include a great user friendly interface that also has a neat design. Also, the concept of the game seems simple and is quite easy to get the basics of, but to be really good at the game you need to practice to figure out your own strategy. There aren't many negatives to this game, other than some people might find it boring (like scrabble).

A fun app that will keep your brain ticking over!

Capitals Gameplay

10. Mmm Fingers


IOS & Android

Mmm Fingers App

Mmm Fingers is a clever, fun and addictive game that uses your finger as the main character in the game. The other 'monsters' are everywhere and try to eat your finger! Avoiding the monsters is quite difficult, but with a bit of practice you should be able to reach quite a high score. Positives: A cool concept that is addictive. Negatives: Much of the same thing happens in the game with not much variation, the game could get boring after a while playing.

Overall though, a great app that you should have spare for anytime you are bored or want to waste time.

Mmm Fingers Gameplay