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Mr Flap is a game developed by 1Button SARL and was released in February 2014 on IOS as a spin off from flappy bird. The game is designed really well and is one of the most colorful games available! The game style is similar to flappy bird in the sense that you have to fly the small square bird through small gaps in long pillars by tapping the screen. However, in Mr Flap, the bird flies in circles instead of a straight line and as the developers say "he will make your head spin".

So... Tips and Tricks then, to help you get a higher score in Mr Flap.


Did you know that Mr Flap can touch the center circle and ceiling without dying? Well he can. Some of the gaps in the pillars get close to the middle and top of the level so resting Mr Flap can help you get your bearings ready for the next pillar. But you may only rest him there for a split second because the next pillar will be coming at you fast!


Always be ready for the next pillar! Even before you have made it past the current pillar, you should be looking towards the next one. This will tell your brain without you knowing it, when to tap the screen and will help you decide when to tap in the next few moves. If you have time even look two pillars ahead! It just helps you get an understanding of what is to come, so it doesn't come as a shock when the next pillar is all the way at the top and you are all the way at the bottom...

Note: This tip applies more at higher laps when there are more pillars.


Remember that the pillars move up and down! I know it sounds obvious but as you go through one pillar and look at the next, you automatically aim for where you saw the gap, and then it goes and moves. So, as you go through one pillar and look for the next, think about where the gap will be when you end up flying through and fly towards there.

Note: This applies especially to hardcore mode, when pillars move up and down faster.


Take note that when you tap causes Mr Flap to jump/flap different heights. If you tap the screen while Mr Flap is falling he wont jump as high as if you tap the screen while he is ascending (going up). This is because of the gravity in the game, it makes it more realistic. These differences are subtle but they can make a difference, e.g. if you just went through a pillar near the top and the next one is at the bottom, Mr Flap will have to fall to reach it. When you tap to stop him from falling, you will probably have to tap him again quickly because he didn't jump as high.


When Mr Flap goes sideways and upside-down don't panic or get confused. The gravity is the same all the way around, imagine that the circle in the middle is a small planet and that gravity always pulls Mr Flap towards the middle. Get it into your head that every time you tap the screen it doesn't push Mr Flap upwards, it pushes him away from the planet in the middle. So when he is below the planet he goes down every time you tap, and when he is to the left he will go further left every time you tap. You will get more used to it the more you play the game so don't worry about it too much.