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Clash Royale Decks

What are Decks?

Decks are the selection of cards that you bring into battle and use against other players. You get 3 different decks in total, and selecting one of the decks means you will bring that deck into battle. Choosing cards carefully that go into your deck is most important to win battles. You need to pick cards that complement each other, and have the ability to cover a range of defensive and offensive strategies and cards.

A Good Deck.

A good deck can depend on your playing style. For example, a more offensive deck, a more defensive deck or a mixed deck. Obviously it also depends on what cards you have already found.

Here is a good all-round deck to get you started:

So, a deck must be able to combat both flying troops like Minions and Baby Dragon, but also both splash damage, like Witch and Bomber, and single hitting troops like P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer. You must develop offensive tactics and defensive tactics to use in your deck. It helps to be quick and powerful in offense and strong in defense mainly. Great offensive cards include Hog Rider, Prince, Goblin Barrel and Spells and great defensive cards include Skeleton Army, Knight, Musketeer and Buildings. A sneaky defensive tactic is to use troops to distract the enemies attacking troops.

Offensive Card Combos

1. Giant first with high health to absorb damage and heads straight for towers. Deploy the Witch straight after, deals splash damage to ground and air troops while they are attacking the Giant. Add in some Minions to the mix as well for some serious damage, the best combo.

2. Giant first again, to absorb damage. Deploy the Balloon straight after, who also travels straight to the towers but becomes more difficult to hit because it is a flying troop.

The more troops you deploy as well, will make your attack stronger.

Defensive Cards in your Deck

You need to be able to counter your enemies' offensive moves, and requires you to have defensive cards for ground and air troops in your deck. Certain cards are good and defending against certain offensive cards. Here are some of the best with what they are good at defending against.

Our favourite defensive card: Skeleton army.

Skeleton Army is the best for destroying troops with a slow attack speed like Mini P.E.K.K.A or Prince, and also large health troops like Giant and Giant Skeleton, providing they are not accompanied by other splash troops. Skeleton Army is not however, good at combating splash or area damage troops like Bomber and Valkyrie.
Here's what they are good at defending.

- Defends Against -

Another great defensive card is: Knight.

Knight has a good amount of health, and an average attack speed. He is a good defensive card because he can attempt at fighting most troops (other than flying ones of course). Because of this you can use him as a distraction as well.
Tip: When using Knight to defeat Witch, place him on the battle ground after she raises her three skeletons.

- Defends Against -

A third great defensive card is: Musketeer.

Musketeer is mainly useful for defending flying troops like Balloon or Baby Dragon, but she is also a bit of an all-rounder like the Knight, so can defend against a range of other troops. Like the Knight, you can use her to distract troops from the towers. When up against Baby Dragon, Musketeer is best used as both a distraction and a troop as she can shoot into the air.

- Defends Against -

Lastly is: Bomber.

Bomber is a splash damage troop and so is best at defending against groups of troops like Goblins and Spear Goblins. Bomber doesn't have many hit points, but throws the bomb so can avoid most damage. Obviously Bomber can't defend against flying troops, but as the elixir cost is only 3 it's worth keeping for defensive purposes.

- Defends Against -

All of the building cards act as defensive cards as they both distract troops and combat them; sometimes it's worth having one in your deck for defensive purposes. Other building cards like X-Bow and Barbarian Hut act as both defensive and offensive cards.

Pulling (Luring) Enemy Troops

This concept you might already be doing without realising. Basically it involves distracting enemy troops away from your own towers and is useful in 3 ways: 1. Gives more time for the archer and king towers to shoot them down. 2. Lure enemy troops into the range of more than one tower, e.g. both archer towers. 3. Change the path of enemy troops. These will hugely benefit your defense and can mean the difference between a win/draw/loss.

There are three types of pulling; regular, chain and kiting. The use of these different type will depend on 3 things. 1. The troops you have available. 2. The type or number of troops you are tying to pull. 3. If you are going to counter attack.

A regular pull simply uses one troop type to increase the distance the enemy need to go before attacking your towers. Chain pulling involves using more than one troop type to change the path of the enemy. Kiting is when a flying enemy troop is forced to chase you, instead of attacking your towers.

You can watch a video to learn more.