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Clash Royale Cards

What are Cards?

Cards are the most important part of Clash Royale. They deploy your troops, spells and buildings in battle and destroy your opponents castles. There are common, rare, epic and legendary cards all to be found in chests or bought for coins in the shop. Cards can be upgraded if you collect the same card multiple times, with each upgrade requiring more cards. Be careful when picking the cards to go in your deck, as combining complementary cards, while keeping your deck balanced, is the key to winning battles! Click on the cards below to view each of their stats.

Here are the cards to collect:

Spell Cards

Spell Cards





Our Favourite Cards

There are some awesome cards to play, but we have our favourites. Are yours the same? Share with your friends.


The prince is everyone's favourite, right? He has a good number of hit points (HP), which is always good, but he is also fast once his pony starts to gallop.


Goblin Barrel is an awesome card. Its great for finishing off castles, even if they still have HP left. If you time it perfectly after your opponent has spent their elixir, the goblins inside the barrel can do some significant damage.


X-Bow is a great card as it does damage to both troops and castles because of its range.


Skeleton army is the best at stopping large, slow and powerful cards like prince, giant, mini P.E.K.K.A and Giant Skeleton because of their sheer number. Great card to have in your deck.


A legendary card... Princess is powerful and keeps her distance from the enemy so she doesn't get beaten up too quickly.

Card Combos

Combining your cards in battle is the best way to defeat your opponent. Here are some great combos to get you started.